Case History

Due to the confidential nature of Children Act proceedings I am unable to provide names of cases or full details. The below anonymised cases provide a snapshot of the work I have personally undertaken over the last 14 years. Where a case has been reported in the Law Reports the citation is given in bold. I represent mothers, fathers, grandparents and other carers (boyfriend etc) all over England and Wales from Manchester and Newcastle to the Midlands and South East.  I have also included some of the work of my colleague, Victoria Harle.

Re P

My client was accused of shaking her infant son resulting in intracranial injuries including bleeding on the brain.  At the end of a fact finding hearing involving multiple experts giving evidence, she was cleared of any wrongdoing and resumed care of her four children soon after.

Re G

I represented a mother accused of shaken baby syndrome after her child was found to have subdural and retinal haemorrhaging.  The child had had an accident at home that the mother was clear about from the outset but the treating doctors did not accept this accident as being responsible for the injuries.  Care proceedings were therefore issued.  After multiple expert reports and an experts meeting the local authority applied to withdraw their application for a care order, accepting that they could not prove their case and that the accident was the most likely cause of the injuries.