My name is Rachel Carter, I am a solicitor and partner at Wollens Solicitors.  My colleagues and I represent parents and carers within complex non-accidental care proceedings which involve allegations of physical abuse such as shaken baby syndrome, fractures, bruises, fabricated illness, etc. We work with clients all over the country (from Cornwall to Newcastle) and represent people in all courts including the County Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Most of our work is legally aided (parents within care proceedings are automatically entitled to full legal aid).  We deal with a lot of cases where parents transfer their legal aid part way through a case.

The parents we work with often tell us it’s a real struggle to find reliable information in one place about being accused of physical abuse, how care proceedings work and what they should be looking for when choosing a solicitor to represent them.

Being accused of non-accidental injury kick starts an incredibly daunting legal process; we hope that by sharing our experience with you we can help make the process clearer and easier to understand.

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If social services are accusing you of physically harming your child, you will likely be eligible for legal aid.