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Useful Links

There is a wealth of information and advice on the internet for parents in this situation, you may find some of the following sites useful:

Compassionaite is written by families that have been wrongly accused of NAI, they aim to provide information and support to others.

The Five Percenters website offers support and information to those accused of shaken baby syndrome.

Parents Against Injustice provide support to families involved in court proceedings.

Family Rights Group free and confidential advice and support.

The Children Act 1989 on the website.

New GMC guidance – Protecting children and young people: the responsibility of all doctors.

Legal Services Commission information on how and when you may qualify for legal aid.

HMCTS Form Finder for access to all court forms you may need if representing yourself.

HMCTS Court Finder  provides information and contact details of all Courts in England and Wales.

CAFCASS The Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service website.